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Contra, the advert

Remember Contra? That mad rush for S and R powerups? That animation when you took enemy shot and fell back on your back? The awesome music?

Found this promotional flyer on Vintage Ads community.

Iskool Kay Tem Pay

If you haven’t seen this, you have wasted your Internet Life. Funnier than Charlie bit me and Bad day, Mushier than She and She Will Be Loved, Choreographed better than Prince Dance Group, this video can make your day.

Very cool. Especially when you are working late at night,  trying to create an Escher for a client.

BTW, where do I find Manoj and what school are they talking about?

Cyntax Who?

If I told someone that I work with Cyntax, and if they found my pitch interesting, instinctively they would Google/Bing/Yahoo us and dig for more information. I did the same to see what the search engines think of us.

More than what search engines thought of us, I was surprised to know that there are atleast SIX more companies businesses called Cyntax. Yes six. Two of them are tax guys (1, 2), two are web design companies (1, 2), one is a website of a poet and thespian. And then there is a CyntaxGroup as well.

I dint know our choice of name would be this popular. Do you know any more Cyntaxes?

And next up is a post with their logos. BTW we are still looking for a logo for OUR cyntax. Any help?

10 years later

It took us 10 years. To finally put those cogs together. And give that final nudge to our giant-wheel.

We first thought about Cyntax sometime in 1999/2000. We have been thinking on it off and on. At play, home and work. Officially and unofficially. Frivolously  and seriously. Today, we are on.

We are working on the identity, website and service offerings right now. Keep watching this space for more. Subscribing to our blog feed would be a good idea.

And as always, appreciate all the help. Drop a line here and lets talk :)