Our Wishlist

So, being true armchair geeks, we do have our geek wishlist. Someday we would love to own these. May be someone would want to donate?

  1. Typewriter and obviously refill for the ink
  2. Pin ball machine with all those pinball goodies
  3. Weapons of Cubicle Destruction
  4. Pool Table and some pool players
  5. A Jukebox to play Hindi and English songs alternately
  6. Infinite supply of bubble wrap sheets to kill all the boredom

And if we could get these, would love to have

  1. Cold weather in Delhi
  2. Wonderland (the Alice one)

And finally, we would love to meet

  1. Jobs, Woz, Ive and the bunch
  2. John and John
  3. Ben, Warren and Charlie

And oh yes, if we had a board (ya, that directors one), we would have invited

  1. Prof. Sanjay Bakshi
  2. Warren and Charlie
  3. And hope like hell that they join us :)

Any help on any of the above?


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